You’ve moved home, cleaned every inch and unpacked all your belongings, your work is done.  Or is it? Unfortunately, not. You now need to contact the most important people in your address book with your change of address.  Here is the top 5 you need to contact immediately to avoid

  • Fraud
  • Voiding Any Policies

1. Your Finances

Contacting your bank or building society plus any investment companies, pension funds etc as soon as possible.  This will avoid any of your personal financial data going to your old home, that then maybe used fraudulently.  

2. Your Doctor and Dentist

Remember to change your Doctor and Dentist.  These are often forgotten, until they are needed but can cause a delay in treatment when critical, so should be up there in your priorities.  

Peacock colour old car in Goring

3. Insurance

You should have informed your Buildings and Contents Insurer before completion, however, remember to inform your Car Insurer(s), Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Pet Insurance and Travel Insurance to avoid any of them becoming invalidated.  

4. Local Authorities

It is essential that you inform the local authority for council tax, to avoid penalties.  Remember that if you are on your own, you can also claim a single person’s discount.  

5. The Electoral Role

To be able to vote in the next election, you will need to change your address on the electoral role.  This usually takes just 5 minutes.


I hope you find this list helpful!  Happy moving 🙂