The thought of moving home and packing all your items can be a daunting thought, but a necessary one if your current home no longer meets your needs.

Here are 5 ways to reduce the stress on moving day.


Tackle the items that you use the least, first

Like everyone else, you will have cupboards with items in that you rarely use.  Tackle these items first and mark each of the boxes with a green pen or sticker.  These boxes can be opened last when you unpack them in your new home.

I detail the traffic light system I use in a previous article: 6-packing-tips-for-moving-house


Put more items into drawers

Most removals companies will simply remove drawers and replace them back in the lorry, so there is no need to unpack each drawer into separate boxes.  If you don’t want the removal men to see your smalls, simply place them in a bag and put them back in the draw. 

Roll your clothes the drawers to save space and use the additional space for additional items such those as towels, bed linen etc.


Request hanging boxes from your removal company

A row of shirts illustrating a hanging box, Newbury

Removal companies will provide hanging boxes for you to use on move day.  They will often drop these off a few days before, to ensure you can pack up your clothes before move day.  Hanging boxes will allow you to simply move your clothes directly from the rail to the rail in the box.  Reducing creases and removing the need for careful folding.


Use Your Suitcases

These can be used for all sorts of items.  Remember that if you are packing breakables in a solid suitcase, to wrap them in tea towels or towels to keep them from breaking.


Pack a Weekend Away Bag

Moving day will be exhausting and at the end of it, you will just want an early night.  Make sure that you have packed an overnight or weekend away bag, to ensure the items you will need immediately are close at hand.  Also ensure that the first thing you unpack is your bedding.  Making the bed is an essential first.


Of course the least stressful way is to have it all done for you.  If you’d like your home packed, moved and unpacked for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact at