Moving Home Is Stressful

There is no hiding it, moving home is a stressful experience and rarely goes to plan. When you finally get to the finish line and completion, the move in day can be the most stressful of all.  With the experience of many home moves under my belt, I’ve pulled together a list of tips that will help you be prepared and stay calm on move in day.

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5 Tips to Reduce Move In Day Stress

  1. Give yourself time

One of the most stressful parts of a move is the lack of time when you are completing on the home you are selling and the home you are buying on the same day.  There are many stories of people waiting outside estate agents to obtain the keys and removal vans waiting outside of homes whilst the seller continues to remove furniture.  Instead, ask the removals to keep the furniture in storage overnight.  This will give you time to check and clean the property before the furniture arrives the next day.  


  1. Don’t do it all yourself

You maybe tempted to hire a van, do all the cleaning yourself and pack and unpack all your boxes.  If you are on a budget, this is certainly the cheapest way to move, but you will need a lot of time away from work to do this and it will not help your stress levels.

Hire professional cleaners, who will clean your new home thoroughly from top to bottom in a matter of hours.  If the floors look dirty, hire a specialist carpet cleaner.  It will be the only time you will not have a house full of furniture.

Hire packers and un-packers.  All your items will be safely packed and unpacked again in your new home.  Taking a day or two either side of the removals, not weeks and months as it would take you.


  1. Check your new home against the contract

As soon as you get the keys, check room by room that items agreed to be left by the sellers have been so and also there are not unwanted items forgotten in cupboards and drawers.  If there are, first contact the estate agent and then your conveyancer.


  1. Adopt the seller’s utility supplier.

Trying to change utility supplier on the same day as you move in for a better deal can cause a lot of confusion.  It is best to adopt the seller’s utility supplier and then change to a new supplier as soon as you can if there is a better deal.


  1. Children and petsTwo children and a small dog on a sofa in Berkshire

Moving home can be a stressful time for pets and young children and a stressful distraction for you when there are so many demands on your time and focus.  It is best if they can stay with family or friends whilst you get your new home ready, especially if you are doing the unpacking yourself. 


Moving Home Without Stress

Great news! A stress free home move is possible. At Inca Home Moves we organise and supervise all elements of the move in for you with our Making Your House Your Home Package.  Allowing you to spend a few days away, whilst we pack, move, clean and unpack all your furniture and possessions.  We will even organise your holiday for you through our trusted independent travel adviser.

Making Your House Your Home

I’d love to hear your top tips for reducing stress when moving.