Making Your House Your Home

Day 4

A final quick clean to ensure there is no packing material and box bits around the house and the home is ready for the keys to be handed over to the new owner.

It’s a genuine pleasure to see people’s faces when they walk around their new home and see that everything is spotless, that the beds are made, the curtains hanging, and everything has been put away in cupboards and wardrobes.

They are truly getting on with their new lives in their new home, with the excitement it should bring and not the exhaustion of the move itself.


Here’s Day 4 – A final clean and ready for the new owners to arrive

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Nikki Coome. Click here to view the video


Top Tip – if you would rather feel excited at the end of your move rather than exhausted, get someone else to do all the hard work for you.


How did you feel after your last move?