Making Your House Your Home

Day 3

You’ve just moved, and you know you labelled all the boxes correctly. You need something urgently, but you just can’t find it! You open as many boxes as you can, desperately looking for it, lifting items out and creating chaos. It’s all very stressful and overwhelming. Sound familiar?

Unpacking can take weeks or even months if you do it yourself. Let’s face is most of us have boxes in the loft that have never been unpacked since the last move!

The professional unpackers at Inca Home Moves can unpack all of you items in 1-2 days. Making sure they are logically stored away, so that you can find everything. We will even make the beds, put up curtains and stock your fridge with essentials, so that you can get on with your life.


Here’s Day 3 – Unpacking in a day

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Nikki Coome. Click here to view the video

Top Tip – if you do decide to unpack your belongings yourself, try to store all the boxes you don’t need to open immediately in two rooms. One upstairs and one downstairs. They open them one at a time. That way, you are less likely to feel overwhelmed.


How long did it take you to unpack after your last move?