Making Your House Your Home

Day 1

Last summer I moved a lovely couple from their flat in London to a beautiful new home in Essex.   I took my phone with me a filmed each day to demonstrate the key elements of the Making Your House Your Home service.  I shared it on social media at the time and had some fantastic feedback but didn’t add the videos to my site – until now. The weather was so hot last summer, but we got the job done and I loved every minute. 


Here’s Day 1 – Collect the keys and check every aspect of the new home against the contract. 

Simply click on the photo of me to view the video.    

Nikki Coome - click here to view the video of the day 1 move

Top Tip – remember to check every room against the contract when you first move in and before the removals arrive. This includes checking the inside of every cupboard, the oven, the dishwasher and even the loft.  If you find something or discover that something shouldn’t have been left that has been, call the estate agent in the first instance.  

At this move, the dishwasher was half full of mouldy crockery. 

What have you found when moving into a new home that the previous owners have left?