Christmas can be a very stressful time of year even when you aren’t considering a house move. But if you do plan to move before Christmas….you have 5 weeks or less!  Not that I wish to panic you

Here are a few tips to help reduce the stress of that move and ensure it all goes smoothly

Get all the items down from the loft

….and store them in a spare room or take them to a local charity shop if no longer required.

Start packing up non-essentials now

Ensuring that you label the boxes with their content and the room they are destined for.  If you don’t have time to pack or would find it too stressful with everything else to organise, consider a packing service.

Freezer food

Ensure that you start to work through the content of your freezer at meal times.  Removals will not take frozen or refrigerated food for fear of it spoiling other items in transit.

Ensure you obtain at least three removal quotes

Once you decide on the right firm for you, reserve the date, even if you haven’t exchanged contracts.  Removal firms are very busy at this time of year, as most people who have purchase in the last 1-2 months would like to move before Christmas.

Top Tips for House Removals

Remember to notify the Royal Maila home interior with packing boxes in the uk

The Royal Mail provide a re-direct service.This service ensures that all your mail is sent to your new address from the exchange date, meaning that you don’t have to notify everyone of a change of address immediately.

Get the cleaners in

Unless you are a professional cleaner, cleaning a full house before the removals arrive is pretty much impossible.Hire a team of cleaners who will ensure your new home is spotless before the boxes arrive.

6 Tips to Ensure Your New Home is Clean

Why not have the boxes unpacked for you?

Finding the right unpacking services is vital.Some removal services will unpack onto flat surfaces but will not put items away.True unpacking services put items away into cupboards, make the beds and put up the curtains. Leaving you to worry about where to get the Christmas turkey and present buying.

Too much to do?

If you’re not finding the time to do all this, why not consider the Inca Home Moves Managed Service?We can do will this for you (apart from eating up your freezer food of course!) to leave you to visit the Christmas Markets.