I hope this series is helping you with the steps required to sell you home at the best value in the shortest time.  Some things, such as market conditions and demand are out of your control.  But setting your house up before the estate agents visit is very much in your control. So far, we’ve looked at decluttering, depersonalising, DIY, domestic duties and curb appeal.  Now it’s time for those finishing touches and staging your property.

Finishing Touches 

Staging your property for sale is the essential to making your house feel like a new home, a show home.  And who doesn’t want to live in a show home?  Now is your chance to become an interior designer.  Maybe use tools such as Pinterest for ideas.

 Here is a list of things to consider:

·       Ensure your towels and bathmat match the bathroom or bring add in an ascent colour if your bathroom is neutral.  These should be your ‘show’ towels.  Not to be used and left wet on the back of the door

·       Buy some tasteful soap and hand lotion for all bathrooms

·       Replace tired or garish cushion covers, bedspreads and curtain, with neutral, matching ones 

·       Ensure curtains can be pulled back fully and don’t reduce the light into the room.  Buy tie backs if you don’t already have them

·       Add mirrors in darker rooms, creative light and an illusion or space

·       Ensure flowers are in vases, where colour is needed to brighten the room

·       Buy fresh fruit and place it is a bowl

·       Remove any pet bowls, beds and litter trays prior to the estate agent visiting

 Bed with light brown pillows


Consider bringing in a professional to stage the property.  If you don’t have an eye for interior design and don’t know where to start a professional stager can add significant value and ensure it is sold faster.

This is especially critical if you plan to bring in a professional property photographer.


Hire a Professional Photographer

This may seem like strange advice.  You’re probably thinking; Estate agents hire photographers and take photos.  Why would you? 

Estate Agents do hire photographers, which is covered in the fees paid on sale.  However, you will require photographs if you either choose an online estate agent, or the photographs as part of the standard package do not show the property off to it’s best.  A great photographer will capture the space in your home and not use a ‘fish eye camera’ or stand of steps in the corner to make the room look bigger.  Once you have staged your home, it is worth getting in a professional and providing those photos to the estate agent.

I recommend Miriam Sheridan Photography.  



Before any potential buyers visit the property, be sure to hide any valuables.  Although the estate agent should always be with the buyers, it is best to be safe, not sorry. 


I love animals, but not everyone does, so ensure that they are taken for a walk, with a friend or family for a while or out of site.  They can be a huge distraction, create worry about smells and mess and unfortunately upset all your hard work of cleaning and staging the property.


The Next Step

The next and final step in preparing your house for sale is finding a good estate agent.  So that’s what we’ll be looking at next week. 

Should you have any questions on the topics so far.  Please add them below and I will get back to you.