Merry Christmas to you all! Christmas presents, cooking, visits and visitors maybe all that is on you mind at the moment, but the new year and the new you are only just around the corner.  What are your new years resolutions and goals for 2019?  If they include moving to a new house, then you probably need to start to consider preparing your house for sale.  Over the next 7 weeks, I’ll look step by step at how you can prepare your house for sale.  In the final week, I’ll provide a handy downloadable checklist, which you can keep until the time is right.  Or pass the link onto friends and family who are considering moving. Let’s get started.


Clutter is one of the main reasons that potential buyers can be put off a property.  Too much furniture, items left on the floor or propped up against walls will result in the buyer thinking there simply isn’t enough space, both in the room and with storage.  Most people simply can’t see through it.  So, make it easy for them and remove it.  

How to Declutter?

Start to view your house as a potential buyer.  Go into each room and ask yourself:        is there too much furniture?        are there too many ornaments?        are there too many pictures on the walls?        are there too many books or CDs on show?        are there too many kitchen utilities on the work surface, if so, put them away?        do you have too many potted plants?        do your children have posters on the wall?         do I really need all these items? If the answer to any of these is yes, put them away in wardrobes and drawers or better still, box the items up and consider putting in storage.  If no longer required, find an alternative home for them, such as a charity shop.  

I’ll get by with a little help from my friends

If you need help decluttering your home, invite a friend round and ask them to pretend to be a critical buyer.  What would put them of envisioning living in your home?


Professional Help

If you need additional assistance, then consider engaging a decluttering expert, who will take the time to work through each room of the house with you and find good homes for your unwanted belongings.  If you’d like the name of an excellent decluttering expert, please drop me an email at and I’ll drop you over some contact details.   If have also written some articles on how to declutter which can be found here.

  Next week I’ll look at stage two – Depersonalising and DIY.  Is moving house on your 2019 do to list?