I truly believe that to get the best value from your property and sell in the fastest time, that you need to prepare.  Putting these simple and cost-effective plans in place, ensure that your home does not languish on the market for months and therefore reduce in value.

Previously we have looked at decluttering, depersonalising and DIY.  Now it’s time for another ‘D’, domestic duties.  Otherwise known as cleaning.

How well should you clean your home?man mopping kitchen floor in Bucklebury

I’m going to use the buying a used car analogy that I used in the DIY step.  If you buy a new car from a dealer, you would expect it to be cleaned thoroughly inside and out. You would expect it to be polished on the outside and smelling clean inside.  You wouldn’t expect the ash tray to be full and the alloys to be black with dirt.  You would expect it to be as clean as it was when it was new, and this is how you should think of your home, after all it is someone’s new home.

I recommend a thorough deep clean of everything! 

·       Inside cupboards, including the kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom. Even the shoe cupboard, cloaks cupboard, bathroom cabinets and airing cupboard.  Potential buyers may open all of these to establish space and ensure the hinges aren’t problematic.  Of course, they won’t be because, you will have fixed these in the DIY step.

·       Clean windows inside and out, ensuring they are smear free

·       Dust skirting boards, light fittings, doors and every other surface you have

·       Ensure taps and mirrors are polished

·       Vacuum or mop every floor.  Even hire a carpet cleaner if you think they need it

·       Clean the oven, the refrigerator and wine cooler

·       Make sure any discoloured grout is bleached

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to do all this cleaning, then hire professionals.  It will probably only take them a day or two, depending on the size of your home and they will ensure your home is spotless.

Remember to maintain the level of cleanliness throughout the viewing process.

If you have any questions about this article or any other articles, I would love to hear them. 

Next week, we will look at the outside, before moving onto the finishing touches and staging, ready for the estate agents and valuations.