Techniques to Declutter before moving home

Where to start?

Decluttering your home of items can be over whelming – where do you start?  It can also be difficult to see your own possessions as clutter.  They may have sentimental value, monetary value or both.

To help ‘see the wood for the trees’, there are a few ways in which you can declutter your home.  But do remember, decluttering, doesn’t necessary mean getting rid of your items, it may mean just removing them from your home whilst you sell.

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Decluttering Techniques


  • Go through your clothes and try them on.  If they don’t fit or you know you haven’t worn it for years, then take it down to your local charity shop.  They will be glad of the donation.

  • If you are unsure, you never know, you may wear it again, add a tag to a hanger with the date on it and put it to the right of all your clothes.  When you wear something, put it to the right of the dated hanger.  In 6 months’ time, take a look at all the clothes on the left that you haven’t wore and ask yourself, will you really wear them in the future.

  • Alternative to the idea above, turn all your clothes inside out.  Then once worn, put them back right side out.  Then do the same review in 6 months’ time.


  • Go through your food cupboards and throw out any items that are well past their use by dates.  Check items such as spices.  If you can’t smell them, you probably won’t be able to taste them in your cooking either.

  • Create a list of food items and create meal ideas.  It will cut down your shopping bills and reduce the number of boxes you need to take to your new home.

Sentimental items

  • If something has sentimental value but has been sat in the loft for many years, consider taking a photo of the item to remember it.

CDs, DVDs and Videos

  • If you have a stack of CDs or DVDs, consider turning them into digital format and then selling them online or at a high street store.

  • If, like me, you have some old videos but no video player, consider transferring them to DVD or a digital format.  There are services online and in stores that do this.

Ask a friend

If you have gone clutter blind, then asking a friend to look around your home and remove items that they think would make the rooms look bigger, clearer and less personal.

Move Items to Storage

You don’t have to get rid of everything when you declutter to sell your home.  You can put it into temporary storage.  Once in storage, you can either:

  • Move it into your new home once you have found one.

  • Decide to throw, give or sell as you have manged without the items for a period.

Give yourself a challenge

  • Complete the 12-12-12 challenge.  Locate 12 items to throw away, 12 items to give to someone (or charity) and 12 items to sell.

  • Allocate a room a day and remove items to a different room temporarily to see the difference, then remove them completely by selling, giving, throwing or storing.

  • Set a schedule over a week or month, tackling different items.  Day 1 – Papers, Day 2 – Kitchen Cupboards etc.  Set up the schedule to cover all areas of the house.

  • Start the four-box method.  Obtain 4 boxes and label them; keep, give, sell and bin.  Go around each room and put all items into one of the four boxes.  Then just put back those that are in the ‘keep’ box.

Get Some Help

If you need help finding a storage solution or need help from a professional declutterer and house stager.  Then contact Inca Home Moves today, who will be more than happy to help.