Sometimes jargon can be the most confusing part of moving home.  One if not the most important person in purchasing your home the solicitor or conveyancer.  Amongst other things, they will check the contract, ensure all certificates and warranties are in place, undertake critical searches and ensure all funds are in place at point of Completion.

Solicitors and Conveyancers are very similar, and the difference lies in the regulatory bodies covering the two practices.


  • Solicitors are more generalists, who have been trained in a variety of legal fields and may remain generalist or choose to specialise in property law.

  • All solicitors practising in England and Wales must be registered with the Law Society and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

  • There may be a benefit to using a solicitor, should you wish to have other legal work completed at the same time.  A change in your will for example.


  • Conveyancers are property law specialists and are licensed and regulated by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC).

  • Many conveyancers are solicitors who now choose to specialise in conveyancing only.  Licensed Conveyancers are described by The Council for Licensed Conveyancers as: “A Licensed Conveyancer is a qualified specialist lawyer who concentrates solely on dealing with property or conveyancing.

  • As a result, Licensed Conveyancers operate under a bespoke regulatory framework, which is designed specifically to continually ensure consumer protection for users of services provided by Licensed Conveyancers.”

I hope this article helps clear up any confusion between the two and enables you to make the right decision when moving home.