It’s always nice to leave your home nice and clean, ready for the new owners.  And I’m sure you would expect to move into a nice clean home, but that isn’t always the case. If you are lucky, they will have run around with a duster and vacuum cleaner, but is it very unlikely that the oven, white good and windows will be clean.

Many people take a week or two off work to clean and unpack, moving boxes from one side of the room to the other whilst trying to get the dirt off the skirting.  Doesn’t it make more sense to hire professionals for a few hours to clean your lovely new home before the boxes and furniture arrive?

If you are moving from a rental property, you will also need to undertake a post tenancy clean.  Many landlords ask for this clean to be professionally done as part of the tenancy agreement.

If you’re looking for a post tenancy or through house move clean, then where can you look and how can you check that they will provide a good service.

6 Tips to ensure your new home is cleaned properly

  • Look with plenty of time.  As soon as you know when your exchange date is likely to be, make sure that you start to search.  Good cleaners are snapped up quickly.

  • Not all cleaners provide a move a one off tenancy clean or move in service.  Make sure you find on that does.  Check that the services include all your white goods, the oven and windows.  If not you may need to also speak to oven cleaning specialists and window cleaners.

  • Check that the cleaner is a member of the Domestic Cleaning Alliance. This is not crucial but does guarantee that they have public liability insurance, are trained and offer a good customer experience.

  • Get recommendation from friends, family or local Facebook Groups.

  • Ask for references.  Ask for references and call them to check that they haven’t have any issues.  Make sure you know the type of cleaning that was under taken and ask if they would use the company again.

  • If you need specific cleaning products on surfaces, don’t forget to ask them.

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