Your solicitor or conveyancer is probably the most important person in your property purchase or sale, they will review the contracts and represent your interests through the full process. So, it’s important to find the right one.

Here are 10 top questions to ask before you instruct:

1. Ask if they are on the panel for your mortgage lender.

2. Request a full list of itemised disbursements and expenses plus a list of the items that are outside the quote and could be charged for separately.

3. Ask what they charge should the sale fall through. Most Solicitors will charge only the cost of the searches that have already been requested plus an amount for their time spent. Some offer a No Sale No Fee insurance facilities.

4. Ask how long their average transactions takes to go through.Image of a woman working with a mobile phone to illustrate someone who is too busy to move house

5. Request a copy of their terms of business and their client care letter.

6. Ask who will handle your conveyancing and which partners is most actively involved.

7. Request an overview of the process, to ensure you know what to expect and what information will be expected of you.

8. If you don’t understand parts of the contract, ask them to explain.

9. Ask how they will update you? Property lawyers can be old fashioned and use the post and phone to communicate, whilst others have online systems and use text message and email.

10. Ask if they have any holidays booked. This could be important if holiday booked at the same time as you plan to complete. If holidays are booked, ask who will be dealing with your move during that period.

What else do you think is important to ask before instructing?